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Welcome to jewishgigs!

We are the new marketplace for gig economy work in the Jewish Community of the US & Canada! Our goal is to connect gigs (temporary job opportunities) with talent (freelancers) in the North American Jewish Community. jewishgigs is an initiative of BBYO and Moishe House

The ground rules for jewishgigs are simple:

1. We are a free marketplace. Listing gigs and freelancer services on jewishgigs costs $0. Gig organizers and talent/freelancers will settle payment for services outside of the platform.

2. We use the words "talent" and "freelancer" interchangeably to refer to those who provide a service. We see freelancers as a gig talent pool for the Jewish world.

3. We require pay transparency. Gig listings must include the offered rate of pay. We encourage those hiring for gigs to list payment on a per hour basis. It is optional to list desired pay in talent/freelancer listings.

4. Listings require admin approval. We will do our best to approve your listing within 24 hours. We ask that if you see something suspicious on the site that you say something to us through the "Contact Us" form. 

5. Listings do not expire. If you hire someone for your gig, or would like to remove your listing from the platform, we ask that you remove your listing proactively.

6. Treat others with Kavod (respect) and Rachmanut (compassion). As a market meant for connection, we want your conversations and negotiations to be treated with respect, honesty, and transparency.

7. Posting your services as a freelancer on jewishgigs does not constitute an organizational endorsement from BBYO or Moishe House.

We hope that jewishgigs will lead to a new level of collaboration between gig organizers and the freelancer talent workforce in the Jewish Community. We are excited to hear your feedback on the platform!

Our best wishes,
The jewishgigs team

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