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How it Works and FAQ

Whether you are hiring for a gig or you want to list your services as a freelancer, posting a listing on is simple.

How to navigate the home page:
1. Use the search features on the left side bar and the search/location bar on the top of the screen. 
2. In the left side bar under "All Categories", if you are talent and want to view gigs, select "Gig listings". If you are hiring and want to view talent, select "Freelancer listings". "All categories" will show you gig and talent listings simultaneously. 
3. You can toggle between list, grid and map views. 

Here is a brief guide to help you post a listing:
1. Click the "Create Listing" button at the top right corner of your screen
2. Choose whether you are hiring someone for a gig or listing your talent services.
3. Fill out all of the fields on the next page. The price field as well as all fields with an asterisk* are required.
4. Post your listing! Your listing will be available for view until the expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: What makes different than the other Jewish job boards?
A: Our mission is to create an online marketplace specifically for freelance Jewish work in the US & Canada. We define freelance work as non-full time or part-time employment, typically without benefits, performed by an independent contractor. If you are hiring someone for freelance Jewish work, or if you are a freelance Jewish worker seeking new opportunities, was made for you!
Q: I wear multiple hats. Can I list my freelance services AND hire someone for another gig that I am planning?
A: Yes! You can do both of these things. You will have to create one listing for the gig that you're hiring for and a separate listing for your own talent/freelancer services.

Q: How should we settle payment off-platform? 
A: This is for the gig organizer and the freelancer to decide in collaboration. is not responsible for ensuring delivery of payment. 

Q: Can I change the currency in my listing?
A: Listings are fixed in USD. However, if you want to make a listing in CAD, simply write the amount and the rate unit as you would, and note in the "detailed description" field that payment is listed in CAD.

Q: I have/need areas of expertise that aren't listed. What should I do? 
A: Select the areas that are closest to your skillset (talent/freelancer) or needs (gig). Clarify your areas of expertise further in the "detailed description" field. 

Q: My gig is over multiple days, but I can only put a single date in my listing. What should I do?
A: List the first date of your event and write more about the time commitment in the "detailed description" field.

Q: I want to provide feedback about How can I do that?
A: As a new marketplace, we are eager to hear from our users about your experience on the site and what improvements we can make. At the top bar, click "Contact Us" and enter your comments in the form. The marketplace is designed to be low maintenance and is not administered on a daily basis. So while we cannot guarantee a reply to your comments or suggestions, we will do our very best to get back to you.